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Spread ideas to local communities around the globe.

Build a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers.

Build a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.

Our mission


Jean Haizmann, President

I am passionate about TED and admire the reaches of its content. By launching TEDxEcublens I pursue the spread of high-quality content from and to our academic community in addition to the bigger TEDx family.


Ophélie Planes, Vice-President

TED talks are really inspiring, so for that purpose I am involved in this association to make our first TEDxEcublens event a success.

The Team


Alix Nepveux,

Head of Logistics team

My team and I will assure the smooth runing of the event and create a space allowing audience and speakers to interact in order to benefit from eachothers energy.


Andres Engels,

Head of Speaker team

I was motivated to be a part of TEDxEcublens as it provided the opportunity to create something which had never been done, while allowing me to help inspiring people share their stories not only with our community, but with the entire planet.


Désirée Krejci,

Head of Communication team

Ideas are the seeds from which our future will eventually grow. I have joined TEDx to help spread ideas and thereby contribute to shaping our own future.


Mónica Navarro, Head of Sponsoring


I'm excited to be a part of the beginning of this awesome event which will bring knowledge and ideas for our diverse university community.


Elior Papiernik

Logistics Team


Faten Ghali

Logistics Team

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Flora Pham

Communication Team, Community Manager

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Alberto Molinaro

Communication Team, Webmaster


Darius Merk

Speaker Team, Competition Responsible


Christophe Huang

Speaker Team, Curator


Imane Bayane

Sponsoring Team Member


Max Haizmann

Sponsoring Team Member

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