From Politics to Cybernetic: 

Evolving Connections

By Léa Gontard, TEDxEcublens Reporter

After seeing the evolution of connections in the different discussion spaces, the matter of cyberspace and public knowledge arises. Since 1990 a new public space has expanded, the World Wide Web. Two social groups are to be distinguished, whether the individuals were born before or after this turning point. The former had to adapt their lives and habits to fit in this modern world, while the latter grew up with it. Virtual communities evolved and crossed physical borders. Thinkers and scientists have worked towards the regulatory system of this «civilization of the mind »and in 1996 John Perry Barlow, Pioneer of the Free Internet and poet, published «A Declaration Of The Independence Of Cyberspace ». Modeled on the declaration of independence of the United States, it advocated a free and self-regulating space independent of the states. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of internet connections and uses of technologies, cyberspace changed over the years and those initial beliefs with it. Even though some aspects were changing for the worst, some were for the best, and we will develop a few of them in the following article. The digital as a software tool enabled countless innovations, which still implement new networks today and get us a little more connected. All those changes widen the power of connections and challenge our representations.