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“Expansion and Evolution” – Introducing TEDxEcublens 2022

In a time of mass and miss-information, when everything feels urgent and divided, it’s hard to choose which ideas are worth spreading. After the previous event organized to “Rebuild to Thrive” in 2021, this student-led organization did a little rebuilding of its own. With a fresh intake of motivated volunteers from very different backgrounds, TEDxEcublens is getting ready to bring “Expansion and Evolution” in 2022.

To better understand the motivations behind the theme chosen for the 2022 event, I spoke with Servanne Bedel, the new TEDxEcublens Communications Team Lead.

“Humankind is made to thrive, grow, and expand” said Servanne when asked about what made the organization want to talk about “Expansion and Evolution”. “When it came to choosing a theme for next year, our team was really motivated to speak about current changes. We had people who wanted to speak about personal development, people who wanted to speak about the environmental crisis... So I felt that we needed to find a theme where speakers could talk and express themselves about the undergoing changes our society is facing, which may be controversial but are so important”.

When asked what she personally hopes to see in the conference next year, Servanne answered: “I would love to have talks about new technologies and how they can really redefine our way of thinking. I would also love to have a big share of talks about art. I think that art is extremely important - it has this power to inspire freedom and denunciate events while helping to preserve our memory of the past”.

Regarding the importance of “Expansion and Evolution”, Servanne has no hesitations: “The world is moving so quickly that you can have new products in one year, and the year after they’re already outdated. This is why ‘Evolution’ is so important next to ‘Expansion’. It’s like, ‘sure, let's dream, let's see how we can do better, improve, and be incredible’ - because this is kind of the idea of Expansion. But Evolution brings the sense of responsibility to remember the past, learn from it, and really strive to be better. And that is very important for me”.

TEDxEcublens is preparing to host more than 300 participants on EPFL Campus, in their 2022 conference entitled “Expansion and Evolution”. For more information on the selected speakers, dates and venue, be sure to follow TEDxEcublens website and related social media channels.

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