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Marylène Müller

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in composition at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Marylène Müller discovered this discipline during her Bachelor's degree at the HEMU Lausanne in music section at the school. The young artist of 1994 then chose an ambitious project of musical and theatrical creation around the texts of Anne Frank's diary. She discovers and appreciates an interdisciplinary creative process and sees it as a way of working with other artists to create something unique: combining the arts for a more complete, percussive rendering.

Touched by stories of lives marked by injustice, she finds a way to convey that compassion and awaken in her audience a desire for action for what is right / change. To make this goal possible, she created the company Join History. Ultimately, this company aims to produce humanitarian shows and to inspire young artists. Indeed, for this young French-speaking Switzerland, art is not an end in itself but it must carry a message.

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