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Preparing for a year of "Expansion and Evolution"

Here at TEDxEcublens we know that January can be a tough month for a lot of people. Whether you are student who has just survived a devilish round of exams, or an expat who had to say goodbye to their hometown after Christmas, the truth is that it’s often hard to escape unscathed from a bad case of the Blue Monday (the third Monday of the month of January, also referred to as the "saddest day of the year").

However, it is important to know that one month doesn’t define your whole year. Last year in December we set up a survey on our @TEDxEcublens Instagram account to hear our community’s aspirations for the year ahead. Now, we are here to push them through the slump and remind them that it is possible to achieve the goals they have set up for themselves. Much in the spirit of our TEDxEcublens 2022's theme, they too can set in motion their quest for "Expansion and Evolution"- and we are here to help.

As such, we would like to set the stage for this years' TEDxEcublens event by providing a couple of suggestions our readers can implement, at a personal level, to prepare themselves for a year of "Expansion and Evolution". As stated by our Communications Team Lead Servanne Bedel, in an interview recorded last year, "Expansion and Evolution" is more than just changing. It is about learning from the past and striving to do and be better. To that effect, our advise can be summarize in one short motto: reset and unwind.

  • Reset: every day is a new chance to start over, work towards your goals, and do better.

  • Unwind: relax! only with a calm, accepting, positive mindset you will succeed.

For some guidance of how to put these ideas into practice, what better way than to hear what our TED speakers have to say about it. We suggest you to check the following TEDx talks: The Power of Acceptance by Dylan Woon (TEDxKangar); How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains by Richard J. Davidson (TEDxSanFrancisco); Positivity: The Power of Choice by Samantha Rea (TEDxUofM).

In addition, head over to our our YouTube channel to find more inspiring videos and be sure to check out our recent Instagram posts on @TEDxEcublens for more insightful tips and talks on topics such as procrastination, stress, and mental health.

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