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Samuel Bosch

Samuel is a master’s student in Physics and Data Science at EPFL. His mainareas of interest are Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Algorithms. He is also the founder and president of the EPFL Quantum Computing Association, and vice-president of the Debating & Model United Nations Association (MUN). Samuel works at EPFL in the group of Prof. Giovanni De Micheli and just came back from the National University of Singapore, where he conducted research in quantum optimization and finance algorithms over the summer.

Samuel is originally from Germany but spent almost all of his life in other countries (Switzerland being his 9th country). When he was 5 years old, his family moved to Croatia. There he finished

elementary and high school. He also went to school in South Africa and England for a while, as an exchange student. After graduating from high school, Samuel worked as a volunteer teacher in an orphanage in Kenya, near Nairobi. During his undergraduate studies, Samuel worked in Ice and Climate research at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Afterwards, he joined for the hedge fund D. E. Shaw & Co. in London and New York City for a while, where he worked oncomputer simulations of the bond and foreign exchange market. Before starting his master's degree at EPFL, he spent some time in the city of La Jolla, at the University of California in San

Diego. There, he worked on Machine Learning research and enjoyed surfing in the Pacific

Ocean. Samuel’s talk will be mainly based on the research he conducted during his stay in


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