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Aurélien Joly

Aurélien Joly is a dedicated communication professional committed to promoting comprehensive gender equality in the workplace. Currently in charge of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation communication and serving as a facilitator for the Target Gender Equality Program of the United Nations Global Compact Network Switzerland, Aurélien devotes his efforts to advocating for fair and equitable compensation practices across organisations worldwide. His commitment extends beyond mere words; he actively engages with stakeholders to promote equal pay and equal opportunities for all. With a strong belief in the transformative power of communication, Aurélien strives to create a more inclusive and equitable corporate landscape where diversity is implemented, celebrated and rewarded.

Aurélien Joly

My talk is about...

What is the intricate relationship between corporate practices and societal values? How do they impact gender equality? It is time to challenge traditional perspectives and assert that gender equality is a collective imperative that resonates with everyone. Throughout their careers, women face numerous barriers, rooted in biases that shape promotion, evaluations, and compensation structures, perpetuating a culture of inequality. Yet, there's hope. Companies can have a transformative power, capable of reshaping norms and dismantling biases. Businesses can be pioneers for change, driving both organisational success and societal advancement. Embracing gender equality isn't just good ethics—it's smart business with far-reaching implications.

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