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Mandy Bronsil

Mandy graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2006 with a double degree “HES Economiste d’Entreprise” and a Bachelor of Science. After a career in the corporate world, Mandy founded her company B-inspired Partners in 2019, supporting local entrepreneurs and professionals to build up a strong community to grow together. This is done through MasterMinds groups, workshops on a variety of topics and various networking initiatives. It’s a community beyond networking!

Mandy Bronsil

My talk is about...

We are all unique, yet we don’t necessarily realise it, and we try to fit in. This can come at the expense of our happiness and well-being. However, by “just showing up and being present”, we can find new ways of embracing our uniqueness, and who knows which new paths and adventures each step can open for us.

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