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Goodbye 2021, hello 2022!

The arrival of a new year is often the time to reflect about the past and set intentions for the future.

At TEDxEcublens we wanted to know how TEDx has impacted and inspired your life. To do this, we set up a survey on our Instagram account just a few days before Christmas. Now, we dive into the results to help you prepare for a great start of 2022!

Most of our Instagram followers (91%) reported feeling inspired by TEDx talks in 2021. When asked to name a particular inspiring speaker, Andrew Hewitt was presented with no other contestants. Andrew Hewitt’s nine-year-old talk, organized by TEDxAjman in UAE, is an example of how TEDx has the power to touch people and stand the test of time. For those who haven’t watched this great talk yet and wish to be inspired, you can see it in TEDx Youtube channel.

Regarding expectations for the year ahead, when asked about the theme they would like to see discussed in 2022, an interest in Technology (36%) stood out from topics such as Finance (21%), Art (21%), and Environment (21%). In addition, one respondent suggested he would like to learn more about Climate Tech. Technology is without a doubt in all our minds when we think about our organization and the future. In fact, did you know that the T in TEDx stands for Technology? Check out TED's website to to learn more about the TED organization.

Lastly, we inquired our followers about their resolutions for 2022. “Less screen time” and “metaverse” were indicated by two participants. To help them achieve these goals we leave our suggestions here: TEDx talks to reduce screen time, and TEDx talks on understanding the metaverse.

We would like to thank all participants for their collaboration. It was great to interact with our community and hear your thoughts about TEDx.

It is our wish for 2022 to continue bringing you inspiring speakers and topics of your interest. Thank you for staying with us and see you next year!

  • To stay in touch with us and participate in our next survey you can follow us on our Instagram page (@tedxecublens).

  • To re-watch some of TEDxEcublens great talks from 2021 be sure to check our YouTube playlist - you may just find the knowledge and inspiration you needed to start the year off right.

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