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The Power of Connections: Multiple Faces

Dernière mise à jour : 30 nov. 2021

A connection can have so many aspects whether it is social, intellectual, or physical. It simply is a link between subjects, objects, ideas or people. Those connections are here by default; in nature, most of them are between matter, living organisms. We could say that in its "natural" form, those links are, for the most part, causal effects, which we now find in the form of laws in Physic, Chemistry. We could say that this kind of connection is static, in the sense that it follows some laws which are independent of our Will.

When we include the human factor in the equation, connections are more commonly called relations. It can take the form of a relation between two people, the feeling that someone has with Nature, the adhesion to an intellectual current, or how an artist feels in front of some piece of art. And what differs from the natural connection is the Will, this individual capacity which allows to not always act under constraints but more freely so, making the connection going beyond natural causal effect. With this Will, the Human opens the wideness of its range of action. It is then more dynamic because we can sometimes outpace laws.

Those relations are everywhere around us and sometimes are even linked to us. It is important to mention that our reaction to those connections defines us and the other(s) subject(s). The fact that you like something and someone or not and whether you act according to this will build your present and future self.

Then why is it so powerful if it is so common?

Because in most of the human connection we can change the way we react in it and this modification can impact not only us but some more global concerns (the other subject). We can choose for example to stay inactive in how we treat nature or to make changes regarding its welfare, to invest more time in one of our passion to achieve our goals or be passive and say it is impossible. We can influence, make someone, grow a project. It is important to highlight that a subject is pretty often in a connection with multiple people and so if a lot of them go in the same direction, improvements can be even bigger, ideas better known and projects more impactful.

So now the question relies on us, whether we would like to use our Will in certain connections for the best or if we stay passive and "hope" for the best.

By A.Cazes

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